Crochet Sweater
Crochet Sweater
Crochet Sweater
Crochet Sweater
Crochet Sweater
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Crochet Sweater

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Crochet Sweater

Perfect for chilly days! If you love going on adventures or you simply love dressing up in your home... this beautiful sweater is for you! 

  • Hand Dyed Color Yarn: 100% Merino Wool Yarn
  • Spot Clean/ Hand Wash if Necessary/ Air Dry Only


Please see the sizing diagram and use a measuring tape. Please provide measurements at checkout and also make sure to leave your IG name.

**Your sweater will be made using exact measurements provided. Please include any wiggle room in your dimensions.

(A)Neck Size: Note yarn stretches slightly and I was able to get the neck part over Alaska's head easily using his exact neck measurement ( I personally don't recommend leaving too much wiggle room on bengal cats). However, all cats are different and you may want to leave an extra inch for comfort. 

(B) From neck to arm: This measurement starts from the bottom part of the neck to the end of your cats front legs. (do not leave any wiggle room here)

(C)Tummy: It is important that you use a measuring tape to measure your cats tummy. The yarn stretches slightly. Note the closure is not adjustable. I will make the button closure the exact measurement you provide. Please leave some wiggle room so your cat is comfortable.  For example: If your cat is 15in and you want to leave 1inch wiggle room. You will then say: (C) 16inch

(D)Length: Measurement from neck to beginning of tail.


Please reach out to me if you have any questions or need assistance. I am happy to help. 

"at Checkout "example:

Ig: Savannah_n_alaska

(note below are Alaska's measurements)

(a) 10in




Note sweaters are handmade and crochet pattern will vary slightly. 

I want to see photos! Please use #TrendylittlePaws and tag @trendylittlepaws for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page!