"Llamas" Giant Catnip Kicker
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"Llamas" Giant Catnip Kicker

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Giant Kickers !!

These beautiful Giant Kickers will drive your kitties insane! If your kitty likes the regular sized kickers...these are definitely a must have! Our Kickers are filled with polyester and a generous amount of fresh premium Canadian catnip. They are made to order so they are nice and fresh for your kitty!! These also have a double seam for extra durability.

Material: Cotton
Filled with: Polyester/Catnip
Tail: Ropes

-Approximately: 3.5in x 11in (Kicker only)
-2 Ropes Approx: 6in
-Refillable Middle Pocket (fill in with more catnip or even with some of your kitties favorite treats)
-Fun Crinkle Noise your kitties love
-Double seam for extra durability

Note pattern may vary. For the safety of you kitties.......please discard toy if damaged.

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